Why schools need a good website design

Why Schools Need a Good Website DesignParents have an important role to play in educating their children and choosing a school for them is one vitally important aspect. The prime reason why a school needs a good website is that the internet is often a parent’s first port of call … It’s Christmas. You’re strolling along Oxford Street with the family, admiring the lights and the beautifully decorated windows. One shop however, in a mis-guided attempt to save money, has turned the lights out. You walk on by without so much as a second glance. Inconceivable really isn’t it? As inconceivable as not having a website. A good website can be a stylish, brilliantly-lit shop window that can stop prospective customers in their tracks. Every entity needs one, especially in the highly competitive arena of education.

Reason 1. Website as a marketing tool

There are few more cost-effective ways to showcase a school than to develop an impressive website where every day’s Open Day. And you have complete control over the image you present to the world. Depending on how sophisticated you want your site to be, you can offer a virtual tour of the buildings and grounds, show short video interviews with happy students and fulfilled teachers. You can highlight your position on the league table and celebrate some of the achievements of star pupils past and present. You can share the ethos of the school and details of the curriculum. The possibilities are limited only by your budget but even an inexpensive site can be compelling, provided it’s well-designed and populated with relevant material. Bear in mind, the more complex your site, the more time and money you will need to keep it up-to-date.

Reason 2. Website as an educational tool

Many schools use their website to host additional learning facilities. Students can access downloadable worksheets or follow links to approved external resources that can add an extra dimension to their education. Details of after- school clubs, extra-curricular activities and sporting fixtures can also be posted. You might consider too putting older students in charge of some of the site maintenance. The skills they will learn will undoubtedly prove invaluable.

Reason 3. Website for the wider school community

By providing a moderated forum that encourages feedback from pupils, parents and the local community, you raise the profile of the school and can optimize the benefits of social media marketing. You can write or invite reviews of school drama, music or sporting events. You can use the website to post important notifications, a diary of events (parents evenings and open days) or even to advise of unscheduled closures due to inclement weather.

Once upon a time, a glossy prospectus was the School’s standard marketing tool. Limited in reach and quickly out of date, it can never compare to the power of a well-constructed website.

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