Why good content is crucial

why content marketing is crucialIn 2013, marketing teams will spend an estimated $12.5 billion on content marketing.

But what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process where a business creates interest in their brand by providing content related to their products. A company which sells flowers running a horticultural blog might be one such example of this. It is the bread and butter of digital marketing services, as pretty much all other types of online marketing (including social media and SEO) depend on it. The issue with this is that it is indirect – it is often difficult to quantify the benefits of having a strong content. In this post, I will outline the four main reasons that dignify why having good content is important in any digital marketing strategy.

1)Giving Your Brand Depth

A good brand has many aspects that make it a powerful and unique presence. Having good content gives your brand greater depth. If you avoid jargon, stop talking in circles, reduce the word count, and use headings properly you can create content that engages people and helps them understand the organisation they are buying from. If you give people interesting information that helps them solve their problems, then they’re more like to buy from you.

2)Makes Your Knowledge Accessible To Your Customers

If you have a business, you probably know a fair amount about your chosen topic. By sharing this information with your customers you make it a tangible asset; your knowledge works to set you out against the competition. Also, a top tip from you can be the start of a dialogue which ends with someone buying from your company. This is a consequence of the fact that, if you are knowledgeable, people are more likely to trust your brand.

3)Search Engine Optimisation

If you have any experience in the online marketing, you probably will have heard of this. Up until recently, search engines such as the behemoth Google used simple keywords, headings and other clues to ascertain the relevance of a web page to a search query. In 2013, they and their competitors have upped their game, using increasingly complex algorithms which rank pages based on the quality of their content. This means that if you want someone to find your site when they type in something related to your site, then you’re going to need to have some engaging content to hook their result to your page.

4)Social Media

Social media is changing the way we relate to each other in fundamental ways, but often businesses find using these new platforms quite a challenge. How do you get people to engage with your brand when all they want to talk about is last night’s Game of Thrones? Why, with content of course.

If you look at most social networking sites (particularly Twitter) people linking content is hugely important. Also, if people use social media to get to your website, then it will be the content that they use to understand your company. Your website’s content highlights what it is about your brand that is unique, and if it truly is unique, someone will likely pick up on it and then you become aided by the holy grail of marketing: the word-of-mouth buzz.

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