Why Twitter is the best social network for business

social media agencyEven though Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Timberlake and that one board member who is pushing G+ might dislike me for saying so, it’s fair to say that as far as social networks go Twitter is the one to beat. Established in 2006, the microblogging is basically the SMS service of the internet, where it’s possible to broadcast your thoughts (but not too many of your thoughts) to an infinite audience.
Its appeal has many facets, not least of all the fact that it is a platform where celebrities can engage with their adoring fans, and the digital rumour mill is always spinning. But although it is clearly hugely important in terms of modern culture, why is it essential for the modern business to sink its teeth into Twitter?

1. Content

As far as content creation goes, Twitter seems like it lacks. In comparison to sights like Flickr, YouTube, and Tumblr, where branding comes second to pure user-generated content, Twitter’s limited character spacing and seemingly limitless chatter seems like the epitome of useless content.
However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in punch. News comes from Twitter these days: it is a dream machine of the press release writers of the past. Because there are so many people on Twitter, a short and punchy advert (or other brand identifiable piece of content) can go viral, or even if it doesn’t go viral, it can convey a message quickly to an audience. At the end of the day, the purpose of content is to create something that relates to people in a real way, so that they respond and follow. With Twitter, this is easy.
It’s also important that to note that unlike other social media sites, the content that you post on your page needn’t be self-created: it’s often exhausting to keep up with posting regularly with videos or blogs. With Twitter, all you need do is repost someone else’s content to gain more followers and gain some brownie points with the original poster.

2. The Hook

social mediaAnother great thing about Twitter is that you don’t need to be followed on Twitter to receive a potential customer interaction. This is the same as most social media networks, as sharing is the foundation of Web 2.0, but because of how integral the reposting mechanism is on the site, it is much quicker than most to spread information. All you need is one super repostable Tweet to find yourself with hundreds of new followers.
From there, your followers can have a look at your previous Tweets, and if you’ve been keeping up with the Joneses then you should have a hook.

3. Word-Of-Mouth

There is nothing more powerful to a marketing executive than word-of-mouth advertising. The hunt for this elusive beast has been the cornerstone of much modern marketing, from the annoying GoCompare adverts to the recent John Lewis Christmas ad. Getting people talking about your brand is the most organic way to create customers.
Tweets and likes work as a form of ‘social proof’ to potential customers that your brand is worthwhile. So get Tweeting, and prove to your customers that you are a modern company that real people care about. Because then they might just start caring about you.
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