Solving the disconnect between IT and digital marketing

digital marketing servicesIT and digital marketing are two sectors of the larger communications field. This leads to the assumption that both parties can work well together but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. It’s hard to believe but there are communication problems with the communication sector of many businesses. IT professionals regularly bemoan the lack of clarity and direction from digital marketing whilst the marketers are dissatisfied by the support the IT department provides for their initiatives.

If the collaboration between IT and digital marketing fails then projects can be delayed, leave clients dissatisfied and damage your reputation.

A leading UK management consultancy company has carried out significant research in this area. They surveyed 400 marketing and 250 IT executives across 10 countries and found further evidence to back up our original point. A disconnect that exists between chief marketing offers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIO) can threaten the overall effectiveness of companies. It damages their results and stops them from delivering effective customer experiences. The survey showed only one in ten of participants believed collaboration between CMOs and CIOs was working at the right level.

The survey suggested CIOs are more committed to effective collaboration than CMOs with 77% of CIOs agreeing that alignment between themselves and CMOs is important. Only 57% of CMOs agreed on the same point. Despite recognising the importance of collaboration however, only 45% of CIOs felt that supporting marketing should be a top priority.

The results basically show above everything else that neither digital marketing nor IT professionals are satisfied by the way things are currently working. Digital marketing services need to be shown the same level of respect as IT but equally digital marketers need to understand the importance of clear directives.

Connecting the Disconnect

The company who organised the survey put together some simple solutions to reconnect the two key teams. The suggestions below are designed to strengthen the alignment between digital marketing and IT, improve collaboration and provide better results.

Rather than thinking of the CMO as a marketing professional they should be redubbed the Chief Experience Officer clearly denoting their role as integral to creating the end user experience. Equally, the IT department should be viewed as a strategic partner rather than a platform provider that can be called upon as and when it is deemed necessary.

Both teams should develop and update their key skills profile to include elements of the others. This would mean marketing professionals developing their technical IT skills and IT professionals respecting and learning about the importance of agility and responsiveness to market demands. Understanding the skills integral to the other teams work should engender empathy and lead to more cohesive communication.

Both teams also need to work together to develop key business goals and embrace technology in the form of tools, processes and platforms to design the best customer experiences. Being on the same page is key to ensuring the company achieves all its aims and projects are completed on time.

Connecting the disconnect is the beginning of guaranteeing more success with your clients.


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