The social media fame game.

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As the world becomes more and more entwined in social media we can see that the meaning of the word “fame” is being rewritten. A new generation of stars have begun to rise up into spotlights and while they may not be on the Hollywood level of stardom (yet), some are well on their way! Jim Chapman, Shane Dawson and Tyler Oakley are a few web celebs that have taken their YouTube career to the next step.

Tyler Oakley, an extremely popular and talented YouTube star with over 5,000,000 subscribers, has previously been asked by the White House to educate the younger masses about the campaign #Getcovered for healthcare. It’s no longer hard to believe that these new breed of stars have become influential figures in today’s world. The results of this campaign were extremely successful as it influenced 8 million US citizens into getting health insurance.

It wasn’t long ago that discovering new talent and transforming them into kings and queens of the celebrity world took aggressive marketing strategies. Social media platforms have rewritten the rules for fame completely. Given the increasingly blurred divide between internet and mainstream media it’s no wonder that these stars are popping up all over the internet. While YouTube is the most popular choice of platform, it isn’t the only place these people can get a foothold. Social media apps like Instagram, Vine and Twitter follow a similar path.

Anyone with a smartphone and a few minutes to spare in their day can gain thousands of followers on Instagram, though this platform is generally more popular with fashion enthusiasts wanting to showcase their style. If you take a quick scroll through the app you will most likely find that some Instagrammers even have their own clothing line. There is a worldwide phenomenon of younger generations gaining the celebrity status via the internet.

“The biggest stars in the space aren’t making the same type of money that traditional celebrities are, but they’re catching up”UTA head of digital media Brent Weinstein

Not all are convinced that taking their social media fame to the next level is worth the effort and time. Jenna Marbles challenges the idea of making it bigger, stating “What’s wrong with hanging out and getting drunk and making silly videos? It’s not that I don’t have the foresight for a larger project. I’m just not convinced it’s worthwhile”

It’s not all that easy to gain millions of followers online as you may think, and we have all thought it…”He’s just talking rubbish for a few minutes, I can do that!” It’s all about working hard and committing. Internet fame isn’t born out of casually posting videos or pictures every now and then; it is a full time job. Making it big digitally requires hard work and consistently delivering fresh content to sate the demands of followers.

The way in which the media world works is shifting rapidly and we believe that the rise of these digital stars will change the playing field of the industry. This generation of talent has built a close tie to their audience and nurtured a new type of relationship, different to the generation that has preceded them.

It will be interesting to see where these “common folk” stars end up in the years to come. What do you think? Can a YouTube star make it to a Hollywood big screen? Will we see the next super model emerge from the snapshots of Instagram?


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