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So you’ve decided to join the digital marketing side of things. Digital media is a vast sea of opportunities; however, it can be tough to find your footing and without the right tools and guides, you’re headed straight for a shipwreck. Starting a new business in digital media is exciting and your journey should be smooth sailing, so you need to know about some of the must-have applications that will make your life a whole lot easier. Remember there are always alternatives, so try them out for yourself and find the one that works with your process!


Google PageRank

There’s no excuse for not using this simple and nifty little extension; it’s one that every digital agency should always be using. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. It works through an algorithm and the basic idea of it is that it counts the number and the quality of links to a page to display the page rank. More important websites will receive more external links from other sites, thus increasing its page rank. Generally, you want sites that have a higher rank in order to build quality links!

Sidekick by Hubspot

This extension is just so powerful; it’s as if you’re reading someone’s mind. You’ll be super happy when you download this extension…like, Emperor Palpatine converting Anakin happy. Ok, so maybe not that far! Sidekick will make life a lot easier by notifying you when someone has opened your email and this can help you plan your next “hey, reply to me” message. Don’t spam them though! Probably shouldn’t mention that you know they’ve seen it either!

Alexa Traffic Rank

The answer to all your critical business questions! Seriously, that’s what it says on the site. This extension will provide you with insight about the sites you visit. You have access to information such as websites that are linking into the page, search behaviour, load time, and you’re able to compare these to other sites. This is a great tool for in-depth traffic analysis and seeing what your competitors are up to.

Fat Rank

An amazing extension that lets you check the ranking position of the webpage you are on for any keywords and phrases. It has a simple dashboard that’s super easy to use, comes with a history function and export capabilities. Need to do some competitor research? This extension will do all the heavy lifting for you. This is overall a great tool for SEO’s everywhere, so check it out!

Web Developer

A more advanced tool if you’re unfamiliar with web development, but very easy to learn. This cool add-on will equip you with the toolkits that allow you to view the build of a website. You can choose to edit CSS and disable certain elements to find frames etc. in order to get a better understanding of how certain websites work.


View invisible trackers and ‘ghosts’ that websites are using when you have this extension enabled. Things like analytics plugins and web trends etc. will be viewable to you. Ghostery also gives to the option to block scripts and other elements from sites that you don’t trust.

Check my Links

A simple tool that allows you to check for broken links etc. on a page, this is a great tool to help you optimise your site for search engines. On-page optimisation is a vital part when it comes to increasing your visibility; if search engines can’t read the links on your website then you’ll just be a sitting duck. Search engine robots need to be able to crawl your site and its content easily; this can’t be done if your site is littered with broken links!

Lightshot Screenshots

While you don’t really need this one, it will definitely come in handy. There are tonnes of screenshot extensions out there and this one is just a personal preference, but having easy access to screenshots without having to copy, paste and crop the image will make your life so much easier. With screenshot extensions you can do all of that right from one click!


Like a colour you’ve seen while stalking someone else’s website? Eyedropper will let you pick the colour from the page you’re viewing and provide you with the hex code. This saves you the hassle of pasting a screenshot into Photoshop, just do it right from the page with a simple click.

There are countless SEO add-ons out there for all your digital marketing needs! I could list them here for you but that would take all day. Most of them will have the same functionality; it really depends on your own process and what works for you and your business. Some are must haves and some you could probably do without, however, using these applications will save you time spent digging for information hat could be served up to you in a flash. Remember that while these tools are great, it’ll all mean nothing if you don’t understand how to read the data. Teach yourself the basics of Google and MOZ Analytics to gain a better understanding of how these applications work with your site.


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