SEO techniques you need to avoid…

When it comes to search engine optimisation, it can sometimes seem like quantity is the only factor. However, this is simply not true and Google is wising up to bad SEO techniques and has even started penalising websites for using them. Make sure you don’t make these mistakes – it could even cause you to rank lower in search engines… not what you want at all!

Low Quality Links

When it comes to links, quality definitely wins over quantity. Although backlinks may seem cheap and easy to get hold of, using a lot of them can actually do more harm than good; especially if the site that links has been penalised. Building a lot of low quality links in a short period of time also looks suspicious, and Google will even penalise you for using this black hat search engine optimisation. It’s also a good idea to check the domain authority or ‘DA’ of any sites you may use, as DA of lower than 20 could be harmful to your rankings. Instead, try building links through guest posting relevant content, this will bring your target audience to your site for the right reasons.

Guest Blogging (the bad kind)

Recently, there has been a lot of speculation over using guest blogs to build links, and whether or not this is a good idea. The answer? Yes and no. Guest blogs are a great way to provide good content and build links, but recently spammy guest blogs have resulted in a predicted shift in Google algorithms. Legitimate guest posting does still exist however, so we still recommend using them as a way to build good quality links. Google are cracking down, so avoid keyword stuffing, and make sure you post relevant content to relevant sites. Google are also penalising the use of ‘optimised anchors.’ An optimised anchor is anchor text that uses specific keywords for which you want to rank higher, often resulting in irrelevant content for web searchers. By avoiding these techniques and posting longer, top-quality content, guest blogging is still a great way for you to build links.

Keyword Stuffing

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing; Google wised up to this a long time ago, and that means you should have too! Long tail keywords are particularly bad, and using too many of these (especially if they are irrelevant) is asking for a penalty. Instead of keyword stuffing, write interesting, longer and helpful content for your readers, and always make sure keywords and content are relevant. Google uses LSI or latent semantic indexing to gage whether or not content is relevant, so if you consistently produce high quality, relevant content your ratings will improve.

Getting stuck in a rut

One of the most important things to remember about search engine optimisation is that it is constantly changing. Avoid sticking to what you know, good SEO requires being able to change and adapt to changing techniques and algorithms in order to rank higher. Use Google analytics to keep on track and hire an SEO specialist who has the expertise to make sure you are avoiding any harmful, out-dated techniques that may penalise you.

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