Why does a student choose copywriting as a career?

We asked journalism student, Victor Coupe, why he wants to be a copywriter and this was his response.

“It’s common for people who are interested in literature to be dismissive of slang.

You hear it all the time, people turning their noses up at text-speak, or putting on London accents in a derisive way. In France, they even have l’Académie Française, or the French Academy, an institution dedicated to the preservation of a true French language.

But whilst a grammatically confusing sentence can be frustrating, I can never feel disdain towards groups that use bad grammar. Why? Because the many different strands and modes of the English language represent the way groups of individuals’ relate to their reality: language helps make metaphor, and maybe even abstract thought, possible. So anybody using it to any extent is beautiful, in my opinion.

Think about it: these series of abstract symbols you’re reading now can create incredibly vivid comprehension, can open your mind, change your life. If you choose your moment carefully, you can write something that can move people to tears (of laughter or pain).

In light of my fascination with the fundamentals of linguistics, I really like professional copywriting. The reason is simple: the pleasure I get out of copywriting comes from having a chance to write creatively, and enthusiastically.

My preferred style of writing is that of a feature or blog: faux-informal communication. Or writing things casually and invitingly, but professionally. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but that’s part of the fun.

I’ve been quite lucky really. My copywriting assignments have so far been through Digicrab, a company that is both understanding of my time constraints as a student and willing to provide with help to develop my copywriting skills. The assignments I’ve done so far have been great too; mostly to do with ‘musicals’, something that was a big part of growing up.

Oh, and yeah. There’s one other thing I like about copywriting. There’s satisfaction with good copy. Like writing a good essay, writing good copy requires research and then a solid structure; a beginning, middle and end.

I do think I need to work on my endings though.”

Victor Coupe

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