Is copywriting worth paying for?

If you own a business, a computer and have learnt to read and write, why on earth pay for a copywriter? We’re all watching the budget these days and trying to cut costs, so if you have a few moments in the day, why not do it yourself?

Like web design or management, copywriting is a skill. There is plenty of empirical evidence that shows effective copy makes a measurable, positive difference to customer response and therefore to your bottom line. Paying for the services of an experienced (and well read) direct marketing copywriter also frees you up to focus on your own specific skills and building your business.

There is more competition for your goods and services today than ever before. You need to do everything you can to attract the window shopper or casual browser and convert them in to loyal customers. Really good copy grabs attention, engages and seduces … and should be an essential part of your marketing mix.

May I ask you, how many books have you read on advertising and copywriting? You may know a certain amount instinctively and by drawing on common sense. You may absorb useful techniques by simply being immersed in the marketing industry. But as Drayton Bird points out in ‘Common Sense Direct & Digital Marketing’ (Kogan Page 2007) “Would you expect to pick up brain surgery by standing around the casualty department at University College Hospital?”
I hope not.

Copywriting is not brain surgery, nor is it rocket science, but effective copywriting is a skill. And if you want the best for your business, it’s a skill worth paying for.

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