Google+ tools for digital marketers

Google+ for digital marketersNew research by London-based digital consumer brand GlobalWebIndex shows Google+ has beaten competitors to become the second-highest actively used social network in the world. It’s seen off competition from Twitter to land second place, beaten only by Facebook.

The growth in popularity of the network and ever-growing activity of its members means it needs to be utilised by digital marketers. Anybody offering and working in digital marketing services needs to get their head around Google+ and use it to the advantage of themselves and their clients.

Google+ has a significant impact on SEO as Google’s domination of search continues. Next year is looking exciting for Google+ as Google plans to use the platform as a way of verifying publishers and their content. It’s another way of limiting black hat SEO techniques and limiting the spread of online spam. Below are some key Google+ tools marketers need to be incorporating in their work. Some are incorporated into Google+ while others are external tools which allow you to make the most out of the platform.

Google+ Plugin for WordPress

For marketers working with WordPress adding Google authorship couldn’t be easier. You simply add Google+ to your WordPress blog or website. Your posts will be verified and your SEO improved.

Google+ Ripples

Google+ ripples are fascinating from an analytics and monitoring perspective. They provide an interactive diagram which shows exactly how a Google+ post spreads through different networks as its shared and discussed. Google+ ripples show who publicly shares the post and the comments they make. It also shows how a post was shared including a breakdown of languages and a highly visual representation of the posts influence. Google+ ripples are highly useful for marketers as they can see what type of posts generate the most interest and then build similar types of post in the future.


Hootsuite has been lauded for its scheduling facilities for Facebook and Twitter and now it’s been enhanced for Google+ posts too. It’s one of the most effective timesaving platforms on the market as shares to Google+ can be managed throughout the day or week. Integrating Google+into Hootsuite also means marketers can manage circles, publish targeted messages into said circles and make use of Google+ analytics which are built into the dashboard.

Adobe Social

Adobe is a brand synonymous with innovation. Their latest development “Adobe Social” provides marketers with a solution for building stronger connections. It creates content guided by data which is based upon results from previous monitoring. Adobe Social allows for the creation, publication and monitoring of content as well as measuring results and connecting social media and networking to palpable business results.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a highly visual tool which measures the effectiveness of nine social networks including Google+. Unlike other platforms Simply Measured does exactly what it says and nothing more; it provides you with the measurements you need, when you need them.

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