Everyday gadgets continually replaced by smartphones: what’s next?

man using smartphones apps
Smartphones are getting smarter, and it seems most of us have replaced simple everyday gadgets with our beloved smartphones. This article in the Guardian highlighted just a few of the gadgets that are now redundant, and we’ve added a few of our own to the ever-growing list…

Print-out Tickets

Okay, so these still do exist, and we do use them frequently but more and more smartphone apps are popping up where you can simply show your screen and you’re on your way. Bus tickets, concert tickets, even boarding passes are available on smartphone, with no need for a physical copy. Gone will be the days of forgetting tickets, with that smartphone glued to your hand you’ll know


In my house, although we have a landline, nobody bothers to pick it up – if they really wanted us they’d just call our phones, right? Less and less people are seeing the need for a landline, and I can’t remember the last time I even saw someone walk into a phone box. Of course, it’s still good these things exist in theory, but with our smartphones at hand (providing they have battery) we can contact anyone, anytime in the palm of our hand.

Digital Cameras

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better, and the image quality is not dissimilar to a budget digital camera. Smartphones are there with you for every photo opportunity that may arise, and with quick access to social media sharing, uploading images from a camera to a PC is becoming a thing of the past.

It’s not just the obvious things either…

These gadgets may seem obvious (you wouldn’t want a smartphone without the ability to call someone/take pictures) but it’s the little things that surprise me the most about smartphones. Personally, I don’t own an alarm clock, a Sat Nav or even a torch – my smartphone does all of those things for me. My phone is an iPod, a calculator, a watch… the list is endless…

Although having one, fairly small device that can do all of these things seems amazing, I’m sure every smartphone owner can relate to the problems of poor battery life. Using all these apps drains the battery unexpectedly fast, and in reality you can only use these things for a few hours before your smartphone gives up, leaving you lost and bored. Is that the ultimate sacrifice for not having to carry a bag full of this stuff though… the choice is yours!

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