Digital marketing and building visual engagement

As a rule of thumb, in the world of digital marketing we focus on providing value by sharing useful and entertaining content on social media. We often do this by posting statuses that link to articles that link to external sources. According to a recent study, whenever we do this, we’ve already lost the interest of 30% of our followers.

Why? Well, because we are in the visual marketing age and, as consumers, we all prefer to scroll through visually stimulating content rather than enormous walls of text. That’s why images are much more powerful than words when it comes to engaging your audience. The current biggest social networking platforms are (unsurprisingly) Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Part of the reason for their success is because they allow users to upload and share photos easily along with status updates. As a business, if you’re not utilising imagery in your digital marketing and social strategy, then chances are you’re missing out on views and potentially new consumers.

Did you know that articles containing relevant images gain 94% more engagement than articles without? The more visual content you include in your posts, the more views you are going to get. But how then do you get the clicks that convert into valuable website traffic? The exact same way you would if you were to post a link in a text post, only you’ll be receiving far more clicks out of interest when you include a picture. Facebook provides you with two main options when posting; regular text-based statuses or photo/video-based. The latter allows for the image or video to be more prominent than the regular link-based post that only pulls in a thumbnail of the picture. You can also include a link in a photo-based post.

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Is there a downside to posting only image based statuses? It has been argued that only using text-based posts on Facebook is better for businesses as Facebook surfaces text posts in news feeds more than photographic posts. There are no studies currently that really discredit this; however, with the high amount of engagement gained from image-based posts, we can safely say that this is a bit of a moot point anyway. There are certainly occasions where text-only posts will generate more engagement than a generic visual post, but all this says at the end of the day is that quality posts and creativity still rule the day when it comes to content marketing.

To successfully increase the visuals in your post, there’s more to it than signing up to a stock image website and grabbing whatever picture is relevant. Sometimes the best picture is one that is simple and unique. The image has to be high quality and engaging, meaning that creativity needs to be at the forefront! Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your photos. Consider hiring a creative or visual content designer. Having a team member who has an eye for detail can make all the difference and means you’ll be one step ahead of the game with producing one-of-a-kind content. Visual skills are becoming extremely crucial in today’s world but, if hiring new talent isn’t on the books for you, perhaps training your team in design can help your content performance. Whether you’re sharing a blog, case study, press release or your website, remember to always include the relevant link with your image. This will ensure that you are driving clicks and generating traffic back to your site. If you have no idea where to start and need to get down the basics, our in-house creative designer has shared some tips on the fundamentals of graphic design to help you out.


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