Digital Marketing Resolutions 2013

New Year's Resolutions

The Christmas festivities are over and it’s back to work.  Most of us will have made New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and drink less, which may have already been broken, but what about our digital marketing resolutions? Here’s a few to get you started.

1. Improve the quality AND quantity of content.

There’s been an emphasis on quality over quantity since before the 2011 Panda update. However, both are needed for content to have an optimum marketing effect. Over the next 12 months more than 54% of B2B marketers will be increasing their content. Nevertheless, content needs to be produced both well and in mass if it is to generate traffic, build brand awareness and increase leads. One well-written article can have a far better effect on building recognition for your business than 20 badly written articles. Yet, to sustain the recognition, those articles need to be frequent and engaging.

2. Concentrate on your author ranking.

Authorship should have a big effect on SEO in 2013. Google are pushing social prominently with Google + and there is a need for informative, exceptional content. Google will be devaluing worthless links and promoting the things that users want, content, using author rankings to do so.

3. Boost your social profile.

Boost your social profile both off and online. I read a while ago that to be successful you have to hand out at least 10 business cards a week. Engaging people both face-to-face and via the net can make your business stand out, demonstrate that you’re the industry expert and boost your profile. The trick is deciding which networking event or social networking site is for you. Most people have jumped on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon at some point but there are many different platforms on which to build a presence. Decide which is best and focus on one or two.

4. Concentrate on link-building.

Link-building is still really important. However, forget about quick fixes. Anything automated probably carries very little chance of success. The best links are those that you acquire manually or that require editorial review. You can also build links through social media outlets like Twitter, joining local business groups and niche directories.

5. Plan a mobile campaign.

Mobile SEO is going to drive marketing in 2013. Tablets have grown immensely in popularity and sales expected to exceed 100 million this year whereas PC sales are expected to decrease. According to Google, searches from tablets are expected to increase 180 percent in 2013 whereas searches from desktops are expected to decrease four percent.  Less than 10% of websites are mobile friendly and mobile SEO is relatively uncluttered so get a head start and prepare a mobile strategy now.

6. Focus on responsive web design.

Tablet sales are increasing which means that implementing responsive web design in your website is a necessity.  Responsive web design allows marketers to detect which device is being used when customers are viewing their website.  It then adapts the content to the screen that it is being viewed on. For instance, if you are viewing content on a mobile it will shrink, or on a large PC, it will grow. It also changes the layout of the website and website’s behaviour, ensuring that customers consistently have a great browsing experience. Responsive web design has become an expectation rather than an unexpected surprise. With this in mind, 2013 is the year to ensure your website has responsive capabilities.

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