Content marketing for people, not Google.

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It sounds so simple enough, so why do a lot of companies forget this one simple rule of marketing? When it becomes all about statistics and numbers, you tend to forget who you started out doing the job for: people! Sure, boosting the ol’ analytics is a plus, but how you achieve that is by marketing to people and not Google. This means creating engaging and interesting content your readers can relate to and use. It’s not an easy task trying to hit two different targets: your readers want content that impacts them personally, while Google wants on-point, structured content that it can easily crawl and recognise as “not spam”.

Most companies tend to forget that in order to please the Google gods, you need to gain the trust of your followers! Herein lies the eternal struggle, because if you’re constantly switching between the mind-set of “pleasing people” and “pleasing Google”, your content suffers and loses its flow. If you’re a writer and you find yourself thinking “why isn’t this content as great as I imagined it would be?” then that’s most likely due to the reasons mentioned above. In order for your content to flow and easily connect with your readers, you need the one thing most writers are too afraid to put into their work: personality. As a reader, I find myself drawn to the content that talks to me as a person, like how I’m talking to you right now!

The great thing about digital marketing is that you have the whole world to reach; the downside is, so does everyone else. It’s your job to make sure your company stands out, so don’t be afraid to show a little personality through your work. After all, it’s all about connecting and you wouldn’t exactly connect to content that’s about as interesting as a brick wall (unless, you know, brick walls are your kind of thing). The point is everything is about good content.

SEO is of course an integral part of content marketing, but that will come naturally when you put some time aside to plan high quality content that conveys the brand message. By showing the brand voice and personality in your marketing, you are creating engaging content that has a personable nature and is something that readers can trust. This type of brand marketing has more potential to get shared and go viral, thus generating those precious organic links and traffic.

Here at Digicrab, we follow this simple ethos to help promote brands. We know that SEO and content go hand-in-hand, so this is the basis of our content marketing strategy to ensure the audience is exposed to the right kind of content. It’s not just about throwing out content everywhere, it’s about providing the right content in the right place, so that it’s easier for users who are looking for it to find. Because doesn’t it make more sense to create good content for people who are actually looking for it to find, as opposed to creating lots of random content for users who may not even glance at it? This is how we build trust between you and the users and this is how we will truly see successful conversion.

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