Some of our clients

“Having tried three different SEO companies and bearing in mind the little faith I had in the industry, we’ve had a really positive experience to date. We are now moving into a profitable return on our investment.”

“I’ve had great feedback from the website, the background images and the camera icon were a great touch and the sustainability theme works well.”

“I was looking to expand the business and Becki was recommended. She did a fantastic job. She started with complete overhaul of my website changing keywords and metadata so I got a better ranking in Google. She also created a new logo, tagline etc. It took about 2 months to set up but since then I have doubled my turnover. Would definitely recommend.”

“Becki and Chris have been great to work with. They’re friendly, enthusiastic and did great job of re-building my website. They also gave me sound advice regarding onsite SEO so I can optimise pages myself. I would thoroughly recommend them.”

“Our new website is perfect for our needs. We can upload jobs, get applicants to fill in our forms online and even write interview tips on our blog. The feedback so far has been excellent.”

“Becki is a creative, talented and highly motivated individual. I was recommended Becki by a colleague who thought she would be ideal to assist with my website design and strengthen my social media networks. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of Becki’s delivery and thoroughly enjoy having her as part of the team. She has enabled me to be better placed to grow and develop my business through the use of my website and social media networks.”

“We wanted something that showed off all that the farm shop has to offer and Digicrab has made us the perfect online tool for that.”

“I cant recommend Becki highly enough. The training I received was excellent, easy to follow and has proved to be an invaluable tool in the growth of our business. Thank you.”

“I’m thrilled with both my website design and all the individual graphics. Everything was created with care and attention to detail. I’m delighted with the results.”

“Digicrab saved the day with my social media launch! Becki and her colleague swooped in to help me sort out numerous problems with my website design and content within 36 hours, dropping everything else they were doing. I know they worked throughout the night to make sure everything was sorted out.The results were astonishing and the launch was able to proceed smoothly. I am very grateful to them and will definitely be using them again.”

“Upon advice from a number of marketing experts, I chose to redevelop my brand identity and as such create a new, sharp, professional website. With the assistance of Becki, Chris, Rhianna and the team at Digicrab, they have helped me create a strong and recognisable brand to launch my business with. They were very patient with my constant changes and diligently changed things back and forth until I was satisfied with the overall look. I am really pleased with my website and new brand image. Thanks so much guys!”

“I’m very pleased with my website, it looks great, its generating me business and it more than does the job.”

“I asked Becki to improve the effectiveness of my website. She exceeded my expectations. She was very pleasant and open to work with. I will recommend her when you want to improve the effectiveness of your website.”

“Prior and Post to our debut television series “Can’t Pay, we’ll take it away”, the Digicrab team have been on hand to support me with any marketing issues that I have had. They have ensured our SEO is on target so we get maximum hits, helped with twitter and website issues and helped with some copy writing for our weekly mailshots. They are always available and turn work around quickly. I highly recommend their services for business building and developing their marketing strategy.”

“Great value. I was fully equipped with the knowledge to run my Adwords campaigns on my own.”