Digital marketing and building visual engagement

As a rule of thumb, in the world of digital marketing we focus on providing value by sharing useful and entertaining content on social media. We often do this by posting statuses that link to articles that link to external sources. According to a recent study, whenever we do this, we’ve already lost … [Read more...]

Content marketing for people, not Google.

It sounds so simple enough, so why do a lot of companies forget this one simple rule of marketing? When it becomes all about statistics and numbers, you tend to forget who you started out doing the job for: people! Sure, boosting the ol’ analytics is a plus, but how you achieve that is by marketing … [Read more...]

The future of digital marketing: Statistics you can’t afford to miss

The nature of the web and digital technology means it’s constantly changing. Digital agencies and marketers need to keep 100% up to date to ensure they’re still current and attractive to their customer base. Similarly, your digital marketing strategy should be tailored to keep up with the … [Read more...]