6 Content Writing tools you should know about…

Producing unique content is essential in the new digital age, especially if you want the right people to end up on your website. If you are struggling to come up with some fresh, relevant ideas, there are loads of online tools out there to help you get started! We've shortlisted a few of our … [Read more...]

Digital marketing is constantly changing, don’t get left behind

Digital marketing trends come and go like the wind, and it's important to always keep up to date with the latest trends to maximise the benefits for your business. Whether you are a small social enterprise, or a hugely successful company, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, social media … [Read more...]

4 essential and inexpensive digital marketing tips

Implementing digital marketing strategies can sometimes be daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. Digital marketing is essential to accessing your target audience and by doing so allows SME’s to compete with larger brand names, and many strategies you can try are easy and … [Read more...]

The latest from Matt Cutts: Content marketing

SEO (search engine optimisation) has changed Matt Cutts’ recent comments about the changing ways Google will approach content marketing could have an effect on how businesses use guest blogs for many years to come. For those of you who aren’t yet aware, Cutts essentially outlined that Google is … [Read more...]

What is content marketing and how can we best use it?

What is content marketing? A fine question – and an important one at that. Content marketing is concerned with the ways by which business ‘sell’ their products without ‘selling’ them. That is, rather than spamming your current and potential consumers, you opt instead to provide content (hence the … [Read more...]

The digital marketing showdown

Social media vs SEO vs Content Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing. It’s difficult to imagine an internet without social media marketing services: they pervade our experience of the cyber-sphere in a range of ways, from YouTube ads to the Facebook sidebar. Social media, SEO, content marketing, and … [Read more...]

Why good content is crucial

In 2013, marketing teams will spend an estimated $12.5 billion on content marketing. But what is content marketing? Content marketing is the process where a business creates interest in their brand by providing content related to their products. A company which sells flowers running a … [Read more...]

Solving the disconnect between IT and digital marketing

IT and digital marketing are two sectors of the larger communications field. This leads to the assumption that both parties can work well together but unfortunately this isn't always the case. It’s hard to believe but there are communication problems with the communication sector of many businesses. … [Read more...]

Top Tips for crappy copy

This week, I’m going to explore the production of inimitable train crashes of copy. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself producing a series of truly unreadable, vomit-inducing pieces of tripe! 1) Be sure you know nothing about the subject. With copywriting, an important element is … [Read more...]

Ghost-writing: a ghastly profession?

I was catching up with a friend of a few weeks ago, and I told him that I’m a copywriter, but that I could also be defined as a ‘ghostwriter’ (incidentally, ‘ghostwriter’ is a ridiculously cool job title.) He’s heard of ‘ghostwriters’, and starts telling me what a marketing farce of a profession it … [Read more...]