Brand optimisation is taking the lead in SEO

If you’re still in the tunnel vision mind set of “ranking first on Google” for keywords, welcome to the detox. Although a natural thing to want and expect from a digital marketing agency, this mode of thinking will often lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointments. There is a lack of … [Read more...]

The SEO landscape and long tail keywords

Getting more out of your SEO with pandas, penguins and hummingbirds Once upon a time SEO was all about having those all golden keywords strewn into your content, wherever and whenever possible. The best words were those with low competition and had most relevance to your business. However, today, … [Read more...]

Digital marketing and building visual engagement

As a rule of thumb, in the world of digital marketing we focus on providing value by sharing useful and entertaining content on social media. We often do this by posting statuses that link to articles that link to external sources. According to a recent study, whenever we do this, we’ve already lost … [Read more...]

The fundamentals of graphic design

When it comes to being a great graphic designer who knows their s...stuff, I'm not going to lie to you. It takes dedication, practice, discipline and some passion...ok, a lot of passion. Nobody becomes amazing overnight. No art teacher, jedi or even Banksy himself can teach you how to create amazing … [Read more...]

Content marketing for people, not Google.

It sounds so simple enough, so why do a lot of companies forget this one simple rule of marketing? When it becomes all about statistics and numbers, you tend to forget who you started out doing the job for: people! Sure, boosting the ol’ analytics is a plus, but how you achieve that is by marketing … [Read more...]

The social media fame game.

As the world becomes more and more entwined in social media we can see that the meaning of the word “fame” is being rewritten. A new generation of stars have begun to rise up into spotlights and while they may not be on the Hollywood level of stardom (yet), some are well on their way! Jim Chapman, … [Read more...]

Everyday gadgets continually replaced by smartphones: what’s next?

Smartphones are getting smarter, and it seems most of us have replaced simple everyday gadgets with our beloved smartphones. This article in the Guardian highlighted just a few of the gadgets that are now redundant, and we've added a few of our own to the ever-growing list... Print-out … [Read more...]

Has social media taken celebrity obsession to a new level?

Celebrity obsession has always been a thing. But in recent times, crowding around the TV screaming with your mates has turned into life-consuming stalking via smartphones. There's even a name for the condition; Celebrity Worship Syndrome (it's on Wikipedia, so it must be real...) and many teenage … [Read more...]

Is black hat social media a thing?

We've all heard of the downfalls of black hat SEO, but what about black hat social media? Social media short cuts may seem like a good way to make your business seem great at face value, but will any of that really matter if it's not even real? Google doesn't think so, and it's starting to penalise … [Read more...]

6 Content Writing tools you should know about…

Producing unique content is essential in the new digital age, especially if you want the right people to end up on your website. If you are struggling to come up with some fresh, relevant ideas, there are loads of online tools out there to help you get started! We've shortlisted a few of our … [Read more...]