Is black hat social media a thing?

black hat social mediaWe’ve all heard of the downfalls of black hat SEO, but what about black hat social media? Social media short cuts may seem like a good way to make your business seem great at face value, but will any of that really matter if it’s not even real? Google doesn’t think so, and it’s starting to penalise black hat social media techniques, distinguishing between real quality engagement and followers.

Do fake friends matter?

Buying fake friends, followers, YouTube views, likes and essentially anything on social media may seem like a good idea – but think about what you are getting before you buy. The point of social media is to build relationships with potential customers and clients, engage with these people, spread the word about your great product, and get some business leads and referrals to your website. None of them are going to be achieved by buying nothing but a number on your page. Sure, a YouTube video with more views or a Facebook page with more likes may be regarded as ‘better,’ but if none of your posts are reaching the people who are going to grow your business, is ‘looking better’ really what you want…

Google knows this too. Like black hat SEO, Google is beginning to pick up whether engagement, followers and views are fake, and they will penalise you for throwing money at your social media for a quick fix. Organic growth is the way forward – so get out there, spread the word and make some real friends!

Organic growth

Social media does play a big part in generating website traffic, with now 30% of website traffic originating from social media referrals. This 30% however will only come from real, organic growth, your fake followers are most certainly not clicking on your website. You just can’t fake organic growth, and by using social media the right way you will see real results, and generate more business – so think about what you value more, the number of likes, or the number of potential leads, real engaging people and people that are genuinely interested in your product, that’s your choice.

White hat social media

So how can you generate more engagement and achieve organic growth without buying your way in? Again, like most SEO techniques, this always comes back to great content. Great content means shareable content and by creating interest and excitement your loyal followers will do the work for you. This way your target audience will remember you, engage with you and essentially build your social media reputation, therefore building your business faster and more effectively.

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