The social media fame game.

As the world becomes more and more entwined in social media we can see that the meaning of the word “fame” is being rewritten. A new generation of stars have begun to rise up into spotlights and while they may not be on the Hollywood level of stardom (yet), some are well on their way! Jim Chapman, … [Read more...]

Is black hat social media a thing?

We've all heard of the downfalls of black hat SEO, but what about black hat social media? Social media short cuts may seem like a good way to make your business seem great at face value, but will any of that really matter if it's not even real? Google doesn't think so, and it's starting to penalise … [Read more...]

Recent BBC News article: social media crime reports are a “a real problem”

An article by Keith Moore from BBC News on Tuesday 24th June brings to light just how much the new digital age has changed all means of communication, including how we chose to insult each other (yes, really). The article states that now, "complaints originating from social media make up at least … [Read more...]

SEO techniques you need to avoid…

When it comes to search engine optimisation, it can sometimes seem like quantity is the only factor. However, this is simply not true and Google is wising up to bad SEO techniques and has even started penalising websites for using them. Make sure you don't make these mistakes - it could even cause … [Read more...]

How Social Media is changing the world

On the surface, social media seems merely a platform to chat to friends, share photos and to laugh at funny pictures of cats. In recent times however, social media has become a huge part of events and conflict all over the world, including most recently the protests in Ukraine. Freedom of … [Read more...]

Social Media and the Philippines: Media’s relation with the typhoon

  A brief exploration of new media and its relationship with Typhoon Haiyan On the 8th November, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan ruthlessly swept through the central Philippines, killing thousands and leaving many, many more homeless or displaced. On the 8th November, I left a status on Facebook that read: … [Read more...]

Why website design matters

>It’s not easy being a marketer in the digital age. Finding a niche in a market that is as open as the internet can be difficult and with the short attention spans of browsing online customers, an optimised website could be the difference between someone clicking onto your shop or the return arrow … [Read more...]

Why schools need a good website design

Parents have an important role to play in educating their children and choosing a school for them is one vitally important aspect. The prime reason why a school needs a good website is that the internet is often a parent’s first port of call … It’s Christmas. You’re strolling along Oxford Street … [Read more...]

The future of digital marketing: Statistics you can’t afford to miss

The nature of the web and digital technology means it’s constantly changing. Digital agencies and marketers need to keep 100% up to date to ensure they’re still current and attractive to their customer base. Similarly, your digital marketing strategy should be tailored to keep up with the … [Read more...]

What’s the deal with Vine?

Vine is the newest craze launched by Twitter and it encourages the sharing and enjoyment of short videos. In their own words Vine ‘lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos’ and although part of Twitter it stands alone with its own app and network. The link to Twitter is of course … [Read more...]