Has social media taken celebrity obsession to a new level?

Celebrity obsession has always been a thing. But in recent times, crowding around the TV screaming with your mates has turned into life-consuming stalking via smartphones. There's even a name for the condition; Celebrity Worship Syndrome (it's on Wikipedia, so it must be real...) and many teenage … [Read more...]

What is content marketing and how can we best use it?

What is content marketing? A fine question – and an important one at that. Content marketing is concerned with the ways by which business ‘sell’ their products without ‘selling’ them. That is, rather than spamming your current and potential consumers, you opt instead to provide content (hence the … [Read more...]

The digital marketing showdown

Social media vs SEO vs Content Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing. It’s difficult to imagine an internet without social media marketing services: they pervade our experience of the cyber-sphere in a range of ways, from YouTube ads to the Facebook sidebar. Social media, SEO, content marketing, and … [Read more...]

Quality is essential to successful SEO

SEO is central to your potential clients finding your business as it is designed to help boost your websites position in the search page rankings. Although Google is not the law their opinion is very important. As the most popular search engine, what they have to say matters and they regularly … [Read more...]

A closer look at black hat SEO (and why we should avoid it).

Black Hat SEO is a no-no for all SEO agency employees and should be kept away from any content marketing strategy. It uses aggressive, manipulative tactics and tricks search engines into believing sites have great value, when in reality they don’t. Black Hat tactics are all about pleasing search … [Read more...]

Ghost-writing: a ghastly profession?

I was catching up with a friend of a few weeks ago, and I told him that I’m a copywriter, but that I could also be defined as a ‘ghostwriter’ (incidentally, ‘ghostwriter’ is a ridiculously cool job title.) He’s heard of ‘ghostwriters’, and starts telling me what a marketing farce of a profession it … [Read more...]

Why does a student choose copywriting as a career?

We asked journalism student, Victor Coupe, why he wants to be a copywriter and this was his response. "It’s common for people who are interested in literature to be dismissive of slang. You hear it all the time, people turning their noses up at text-speak, or putting on London accents in a … [Read more...]

Is copywriting worth paying for?

If you own a business, a computer and have learnt to read and write, why on earth pay for a copywriter? We’re all watching the budget these days and trying to cut costs, so if you have a few moments in the day, why not do it yourself? Like web design or management, copywriting is a skill. There … [Read more...]

What is a WordPress subdomain? Why I wouldn’t use one

What is a Subdomain? WordPress originated as a blogging platform but evolved to be an Open Source (free) content management system (CMS), used on millions of sites by millions of people. However, you can still create your own subdomain at WordPress where they automatically handle the install … [Read more...]

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is the hot topic of 2013 but what does the term mean? Solve Media has attempted to solve this problem with the following infographic. They've said: "Native advertising refers to a specific mode of monetization that aims to augment user experience by providing value through … [Read more...]